Frontier Geomatics specializes in the customized on-site integration of various airborne sensors in an aircraft, whether they are purchased from us or not. Making LIDAR systems, film and digital cameras, GPS receivers and inertial measurement units (IMUs) as well as flight management systems work smoothly together is our expertise. Tight aircraft spaces are no novelty to us and neither is being baked, or frozen, inside them. We know how important it is for software and hardware to communicate properly, but also to tailor required operator interaction to an overall convenient minimum while airborne.


No installation is complete without proper training covering not only the day-to-day operation, but also trouble-shooting methods. Operating a survey aircraft and the often manifold airborne sensing equipment is no small feat. Therefore, creating customized check-lists together with the flight crew is crucial to assure proper procedures so that nothing gets overlooked and no expensive mission is wasted just because a small technical detail was overlooked.


We assure that input and output data fit smoothly into your existing production workflow. We will continue to support your run-up phase as well as when you want to implement changes in your set-up. We understand the need for having accessible and effective support whenever you need it, but especially when out in the field on a mission.

Friendly Service

During our numerous installations all over the world we have enjoyed the companionship of many customers who have become our friends. We feel as a partner in their business and carry responsibility for their success.

Below are two links to an article we wrote and published in the January 2010 edition of G.I.M. It describes the results of test flights with MS-Vexcel UltraCam UC-X and UC-L cameras together with NovAtel SPAN GPS/IMU systems.