ScanLook 2.0, otherwise known as SNOOPY, is the latest development by LiDAR USA. SNOOPY brings a significant reduction in size while at the same time offering an increase in scanner and INS configurations. SNOOPY can be tailored for your application whether it is scanning rails, bridges, shorelines, power lines, roads, assets, etc.

We are proud to sell and support SNOOPY in Canada. Prices are very affordable and identical to the USA. For example, a complete SNOOPY-RTK system with Velodyne scanner and NovAtel GPS/IMU comes for less than US$130k.

Crucial Benefits

Size Matters

Very small size allows for easy transport and deployment on a variety of survey vehicles. It can attach to any vehicle roof top, front or back of vehicle, windshield etc., via suctions cups for secure mounting and scratch-free contact. SNOOPY is easily attached to other surfaces using commonly found tools such as pipe clamps. It can be easily levelled to almost any vehicle surface.

Post-Processing Software

NovAtel's Inertial Explorer creates trajectories in tightly-coupled processing mode using either base stations or deploying a Precise Point Positioning (PPP) algorithm. In RTK mode no trajectory post-processing is necessary. SNOOPY comes with Custom software to combine raw scan data with the GPS/IMU trajectory into high fidelity point clouds. Additional Control Point registration is included. The outputs are in the common point cloud file formats such as LAS, LAZ and Text.

Control Software

No large storage or controller computer is necessary. Any laptop can be used to control SNOOPY. Whenever possible the laser's native scanning software is used directly to minimize learning curve and training (e.g. FARO Focus). A very simple, robust system of control is provided via the laptop maximizing already available vendor software.

Application Software

A wide variety of application software is supported by simply creating the appropriate output formats and manageable file sizes. This includes TerraSolid, Virtual Geomatics 4D, Orbit GT, TopoDOT, Carlson Software, Autodesk, and many more.

GPS/IMU Components

Configurable with the entire range of NovAtel SPAN GPS/IMU systems such as IGM-ADIS, IGM-STIM, CPT as well as ISA-100C IMU's in either RTK or Post-Processing with Inertial Explorer.

Various Scanner Configurations

Snoopy can be configured with one or more Velodyne, Faro, Quanergy or Z+F scanners. The system is factory boresighted and offers a variety of ranges and accuracy choices. If you already own one of the lasers mentioned above, you can have Snoopy as a retro-fit kit upgrading your stationary scanners to mobile. Do surveys from the security and comfort of your vehicle. No conventional survey method can compete with moving at the speed of traffic.