At Frontier Geomatics we emphasize business partnerships, professional affiliations and especially personal friendships. Latter one is the best reason to be in this business.

Our partnerships with customers and suppliers are founded on openness, honesty and trust. We prefer a firm handshake over a lengthy legal agreement. Corporations are run by human beings, and the successful ones treat their employees, partners and customers with dignity and respect. Frontier Geomatics teams up only with companies and clients who put human beings first. Having fun is one of life’s greatest joys, professionally and privately.

Our Partners


A small, aggressive team of pioneers in Geomatics searching for new, innovative, and affordable solutions for the measurement sciences. They focus on solutions for GIS, surveying, civil engineering, agriculture, forensics, BIM, heritage mapping. All things 3D and beyond, both indoors and outdoors. If you enjoy an enlightening conversation chat and a good laugh, then you should not miss Jeff and Daniel Fagerman at the next convention.


A leading provider of precise global positioning system (GPS) and augmentation components and sub-systems designed for rapid integration and exceptional return on investment. NovAtel's complete line of precise positioning engines, enclosures and antennas is developed to meet a wide range of accuracy and cost requirements.


TerraTec’s areas of expertise are land surveying, aerial photography, photogrammetric mapping and aerial data acquisition from fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Because of TerraTec’s competence in the use of advanced technology they have developed effective production methods that gives them a high level of proficiency allowing TerraTec to not only serve their customers’ needs in Norway, but also throughout mapping markets throughout the world.

Waypoint Products Group

NovAtel's Waypoint Products Group offers GPS/IMU post-processing software packages including GrafNav, GrafNet and Inertial Explorer for a wide variety of IMU's, including high-accuracy navigation grade to inexpensive MEMS sensor types.